SFU Application

assignment #3 - portfolio

Due: week 13


For the portfolio assignment you will have put together your portfolio and apply to one artistic/professional development opportunity.

A successful portfolio will contain:

  1. A professional head shot
  2. 3 versions of a biography (100 words, 150 words, and 250 words)
  3. Curriculum Vitae
  4. Complete list of composed works (including a discography)
  5. A short artist’s statement (100 - 200 words)
  6. 3 sets of documentation for 3 compositions (including a/v, score, and program notes for each piece)

For the artistic/professional development application, you will choose one opportunity outlined in week 6 and submit an application. For the assignment you have to provide:

  1. The name of the opportunity and a web address for the application
  2. .pdf copies of your submission, or a screen capture for online forms.

The assignment will be scored out of 100 with each section being worth 12.5 marks.