chamber music

red ensign

Commissioned and performed by Continuum Contemporary Music. World Premiere Performers: Anne Thompson (flute), Anthony Thompson (clarinet), Carol Lynn Fujino (violin), Bryan Holt (cello), Laurent Philippe (piano), Ryan Scott (percussion), Gregory Oh (conductor) Recorded March 8, 2015 as part of Continuum's concert 30 More! at the Music Gallery, Toronto.

program note: Red Ensign is a whisper on a frayed thread that hangs from a canopy in much the same manner a brick doesn't - or can't. These sounds aren't echoes and they certainly do not wave in the wind, not in one manner nor another. Instead the hums, crackles, pitches, and buzzes slowly wobble into/through/beside, and around one another as they cover, as they smother, as they conceal, as they lay draped across the fractures and fissures of long-ruined forms.


performed by the Toy Piano Composers ensemble for TBA2. premiered at the Heliconian Club on February 8th, 2014. Katherine Watson (flute), Anthony Thompson (clarinet), Wesley Shen (piano), Adam Campbell (percussion), Sharon Lee(violin/ e-violin), Adam Scime (double bass).

program note: awkward. confused. dismantled. delicate. diffused. dim. tenuous. vague.


"@Jason_Doell's WARHEADS—A skewed topology—a ruined landscape populated by vestiges of signifying entities—an utterly disorienting paysage." Marc Couroux on twitter (@xenopraxis)

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delicate triangles

site specific piece for mobile performers and mobile audience at the Gladstone hotel Toronto. performed by Brent O'toole (bass), Cory Latkovitch (cello), Gabrielle Charron-Merrit (guitar), Germaine Liu (percussion), Hillary Thomson (conductor), Jay Hay (tenor sax/ clarinet), Lendl Barcelos (conductor), Ruhee Dewji (tenor sax), Sebastian Shinwell (guitar), Vira Burmenko (violin). premiered on june 6th, 2012 and reperformed on June 8th 2012.

austerity measures and collective actions

Performed by the Pierrot Ensemble (Anya Alexeyev - piano, Jeremy Bell -violin, Amy Hamilton - flute, Beverley Johnston - percussion, Paul Pulford - cello, Peter Shackleton - clarinet).

program notes: Written in November of 2011, I interpreted some of the keywords used in popular culture and news media for the creation of this piece.
Austerity - two themes from which all the material is derived within a reduced structural form (sonatina).
Collective action - written into the score is a juxtaposition of different forms of group activities from strictly prescribed parts to loosely guided improvisation.
Occupy - this score is open, and free for any group of musicians who wish to play it.