toronto creative music lab

The Toronto Creative Music Lab (TCML) is a project designed to nurture the development of risk-takers and change-makers. While we acknowledge the legacies that inform the artistic and professional spaces we currently occupy, we are committed to pushing toward a yet unimagined future in artistry and expression that connects our social responsibilities, our institutions, our communities, our audiences, our arts, and each other.

TCML 2017 is a peer-mentored, 9-day workshop for early-career musicians and composers and is designed to foster professional development, artistic growth, collaborative learning and community building through workshops, rehearsals, social events, panel discussions, and performance.

music education BIO

Outside of music composition, Jason Doell has an active interest in re-imagining music education and how it is delivered. Jason has developed many programs for students ranging in age from elemetary-school-age children to adult early-career musicians and composers. His programs are created in opposition of standard models of music education that privilege the European canon, dated methodologies, historic models, and a decoupling of critical and practical skills. Instead, Jason's education initiatives focus on: integrating musical skills, systems, and knowledges through creation, performance, analysis, and group discussion; helping learners build strong critical thinking skills; fostering broad creative interaction with music; connecting the learner's personal relationship with music to their knowledge of how music is made; and nurturing a sense of adventure and imagination in music making.

Jason has developed and delivered music programs for the Art Gallery of Ontario,  the Ontario Science Centre, the Toronto District School Board, the Toronto Catholic District School Board, the Toronto Public Library, the Canadian Music Centre, the Toronto City Mission, and the Ontario Band Association.

Jason's upcoming and current music education project is the Toronto Creative Music Lab (TCML), a peer-mentored workshop for early-career musicians and composers (June 2018).