projects and collaborations


autoportrait was: cosima friessen (vocals and keyboards), jason doell (guitars and keyboards), david lush (vocals, guitars, keyboards, drum machines), ali sunderji (bass guitar)



21st century copyright blues. Even the name is stolen.

plunderphonics-esque live performance using homemade pure data patches to manipulate one recording of a well known song.

Engloutie performed live May 29, 2016 with ∆TENT (Jane Wood - piano, Hiroki Tsurumoto - clarinet, Jason Doell - plunderphonics).

Make the World featured on the Feast in the East 5th Anniversary Cookbook

les heures



invisible out live at the burdock as part of the tone festival and the music gallery's departures series. june 15, 2017 - recorded by joe strutt.

invisible out with sean ali at downtown music gallery new york august 7th, 2016


Sound Installation (two phones, two tablets, two speakers)

past performances

2016.01.30 Duration & Dialogue Performance Art Festival/Symposium, Katzman Contemporary, Toronto, Canada

faster xmas show at array music december 20th, 2016

XPJP is Xuan Ye and Jason Doell.