chamber music

"...we'll do deeds to follow on our words..."


program note:

Now we're rous'd we've buckled on our swords, 
We've done with diplomatic lingo, 
We'll do deeds to follow on our words, 
We'll show we're something more than "jingo."
And though Old England's laws do not her sons compel To military duties do,
We'll play them at their game, and show them all the same, 
An Englishman can be a soldier too, 
An Englishman can be a soldier too. 
So when we say that England's master,
Remember who has made her so.

- Soldiers of the King written and composed by Leslie Stuart.

Performed by Wesley Shen at the Chalmers House Canadian Music Centre on August 17, 2017.


for solo guitar performed by Rob Macdonald and recorded in studio by Paul Talbott.

written/performed with support from the 2014 CMC Toronto Emerging Composer Award. The Canadian Music Centre Toronto Emerging Composer Award made possible by the generous support of Roger D. Moore and Michael Koerner. this piece was premiered November 15th 2014 by Rob Macdonald at the Canadian Music Centre (Chalmers House).