Copy of “...amid the cannon's roar,”


“...amid the cannon's roar,”

1. “Our lovèd dominion bless…”
2. casualties
3. “...we'll do deeds to follow on our words...”
4. , casualties,
5. “And let our Empire be”
6. casualties.
7. “...long to reign over us...”

CD/digital available 07/01/2018


“...amid the cannons roar,” is the graceful, delicate and unpredictable debut album from award-winning Canadian composer Jason Doell. The album features seven evocative solo and chamber works that highlight Jason’s capacity for writing thoughtful and deliberate music full of gentle textures, subtle drama, and peculiar detours.

“...amid the cannons roar,” is elusive but engaging, often meandering through dark, sparse, and bleak material on its way to lush, resonant, and almost hopeful moments. While drawing direct and indirect aesthetic influence from many styles of music - varying experimental forms, improvised musics, contemporary chamber music, psychedelia - “...amid the cannons roar,” is Jason’s highly personal reflection on the listening experience.

Jason Doell is active in the local, national, and international contemporary chamber music scenes. Presented internationally by ensembles and presenters like Quatuor Bozzini (Montreal QC), Continuum Contemporary Music (Toronto ON), Sound and Music (UK), and Non-Classical (London UK), his work explores the tensions of being a Canadian settler artist who has inherited the brutal legacy of the British colonial project.

Additionally, Jason is very involved with initiatives that foreground equity, accessibility, and inclusion in contemporary chamber music - including co-founding the Toronto Creative Music Lab (TCML) and writing music for the Four Lands project with Continuum and Jumblies Theatre.

The CD was pre-released on June 2nd, 2018 at Registry Theatre as part of the Open Ears Festival portrait concert of Jason’s works. The album is available internationally through Spotify, iTunes, Bandcamp and other streaming/downloading services as of July 1, 2018.



Jason Doell is an acclaimed Canadian composer whose practice straddles composition, improvisation, and sound/installation art.

Jason's debut album, a collection of solo and chamber works, "...amid the cannon's roar," was released July 1, 2018 on CD and all digital platforms. The CD was pre-launched at a portrait concert presented by Open Ears Festival 2018.

His music has been performed internationally and has been interpreted by many important international artists including: Quatuor Bozzini, Continuum Contemporary Music, The Cecilia String Quartet, Array Music, Contact Contemporary Music, Rob MacDonald, Matt Brubeck, Gabriel Prokofiev, Jacques Israelievitch, and Christina Petrowska-Quilico amongst others.

Throughout his academic and professional careers, Jason's work has earned him many selections for prestigious workshops/presentations/commissions and has won him many awards. Among the awards, he has won the Toronto Emerging Composer Award and Harry Freedman Recording Award, both presented by the Canadian Music Centre, and the Nonclassical Global Composition Competition. His performances and compositions have also garnered considerable attention from Toronto media where his collaboration with percussionist/composer Germaine Liu was listed as one of the top ten concerts of any genre in Toronto for 2014.


“Doell’s music raises a lot of questions about beauty and boundaries in contemporary music: undoubtedly Doell writes music of extraordinary beauty, but that beauty seems to come with a price, which makes it intriguing beyond its initial surface.” - Ludwig Van Toronto

“...the most punk rock figure in Toronto chamber music” - BlogTO

“...A half unpacked kitchen lay out on stage, and instruments and objects lined the pews to the door. The minimalist performance was enchantingly physical - and surprisingly musical.” - BlogTO (on Wild Bengals Tigers - co written and performed with Germaine Liu)